Equipment and Service List

MAK Sales Inc. will provide you state-of-art Air Pollution Control System Design and Bulk Handling Equipment.

We also provide competitive pricing on:

1) System Engineering

2) Complete Field Measuring and Evaluation

3) Complete Layout Design in AutoCad

4) Equipment Supply

5) Free Equipment Inspections

6) Replacement Parts

7) Replacement Filters.

8 ) Maintenance Schedules

9) Fans and Blowers

MAK Sales Inc. also supplies Bulk Material Handling Equipment including:

1.) Screw Conveyors

2.) Bucket Elevators

3.) Rotary Airlock

4.) Incline Standard- Belt Conveyors

5.) Super Sack – Bag Loaders and Unloaders

6.) Slide Gates- Diverter Gates

7.) Storage Silos

8. ) Classifiers- Shifters

9.) Volumetric Feeders

10.) Weigh Belt Feeders

11.) Telescoping Spouts

12.) Mixers

MAK Sales Inc. also supplies Pneumatic Conveying Equipment including:

1.) Dilute Phase Systems

2.) Semi-Dense Phase Systems

3.) Dense Phase Systems

4.) Vacuum and Blower Package

5.) Tubing, Couplings, Elbows, and Components

6.) Process Dehumidification